Astro Opal Sun Signet Ring



Harness the joy and energy of the sun with the Astro Celestial Sun Secret Signet Ring. Hand-engraved with incredible detail, at the heart of this 18kt yellow gold ring is a radiating sun motif. A symbol of creativity and power, this ring is a personal talisman for anyone seeking the exuberance and action to follow their dreams. The beautifully detailed sun motif is rub-over set with a glittering opal, an ethereal stone said to encourage cosmic consciousness and bring good fortune. Diamond-set rays totalling 0.13 cts add a final luxurious touch. This beautiful gold signet ring hides a personal detail for the wearer alone to enjoy. Hidden on the inside of the ring is a small peridot gemstone, set so it is in contact with the skin when worn. Gemstones are our link to the energy and forces of nature, and this hidden peridot creates a physical connection to the power of the sun. Gift to another to show your loved one they are the centre of your universe. Chosen for yourself this is a powerful personal talisman, a lifelong reminder of self-love and empowerment.


Hand crafted from 18K Yellow Gold, 0.52 cts Australian Opal Cabochon, 0.13 cts White Diamonds, 0.01ct Peridot Gemstone set inside ring gallery. Hand engraved Design On Gold.

Size and fit

Made to fit. Diameter is 13mm.


Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.


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