Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Building a jewelry collection that endures the test of time is fun. It requires care to keep your collection in the condition necessary to pass pieces down to future generations. To ensure that you enjoy your jewelry and keep your collection expanding, jewelry requires proper maintenance. Clean your pieces at least once per year, store them properly, and wear them carefully.
Marmari Jewelry is made from the finest materials. To keep the gemstones and metals sparkly and to keep the enamel and e-coating from fading, below are some care instructions and tips:
As a general rule, it is suggested to follow the adage, “Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.”

1- Clean your jewelry regularly: Use the special jewelry cleaning cloth (a gift from us with every purchase) to clean your pieces. For a more thorough cleaning soak your jewelry (except for pieces with enamel, e-coating, pearls or rhodium plating) in a bowl with lukewarm water and a few drops of non-detergent soap for around 10 minutes to remove any oil and loosen any buildup. Rinse with water, then wipe gently with your jewelry cleaning cloth.

2- Spray perfume before wearing your jewelry, not after.

3- Keep your jewelry away from chemicals: remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, or tanning. Remove your jewelry before applying any beauty products, such as creams or hair sprays. Always avoid any household cleaners when wearing jewelry.

4- Always store your pieces separately from each other. Diamonds are hard enough to scratch metals or other stones, and pearls are easily scratched.

5- If you are travelling or going to transform your look from morning to evening, store your extra jewelry pieces in a cloth pouch with multiple pockets or separate ones. Our giveaway pouch is perfect for that!

6- E-Coating: This is our colorful plating used in many of our pieces. Similarly to Black Rhodium, we do not advise to wear these pieces in the shower or clean with any sort of abrasive action as this action can remove the coating. E-Coating may be lightly cleaned with a simple jewelry cleaner and dabbing the piece dry. Marmari will re-coat your piece upon submission via our website.

7- Protect your jewelry from sharp blows and scratching.

8- Be careful with extreme temperatures (high temperatures and very low temperatures). It could affect the durability and color of gemstones and could cause damage to enamel and e-coating.

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