Marmari’s Light Years Away collection celebrates geodes, which feature the mystery and delight of a tiny galaxy you can call your own. Geodes are known for their rough, volcanic rock exterior, which obscures a dazzling interior crystal universe. Marmari refines the natural beauty of geode with a smooth enamel exterior, accented by diamond and gemstone clusters, resting on the edge of a crystal cave. Pretty in pastel and jewel tones, this collection of one-of-a-kind pieces reminds the wearer that she is the center of her loved ones’ universe.



Between the different delights of Marmari’s themes rests the Wish Upon a Star collection, featuring fun and colorful gemstone charms. A celebration of celestial color play, Wish Upon a Star features jewel-toned e-coating over gold, with color coordinated gemstones. The uncertainty, mystery and outstanding beauty of stellar themes are represented in twinkling diamonds and gemstones. Keep a wishing star close to you or send one to your loved one’s solar system.


Capturing life’s greatest inspiration and reminding us to stay positive is Marmari’s Attraction collection. Celebrating the fact that positivity is all around us, Attraction is a visual reminder that if we simply open our eyes we can attract positivity.

Engaging with this positivity, one becomes a magnet for its return. Iconic magnetic forms are reimagined in 18K oxidized white gold and rose gold, drawing clusters of gemstones to the precious metal bars. Attraction features strong gemstones, such as Ruby, known to bring luck and inspire passion. Create your own magnetic force that lures the positivity surrounding us to you.


Astrology meets astronomy with Marmari’s birthstone collection. For ages, society has signified the twelve months of the year and the twelve signs of the zodiac with twelve gemstones.

Marmari’s interpretation of birthstone jewelry pairs innovative color combinations with
gemstone history to further commemorate the significance of your time of birth.


In a clever twist on a beloved phrase, Marmari introduces the Happy Hour collection, which allows you to commemorate an exact moment that is special to you. Digital clock numbers of your selection, enameled in candy tones and set in rose gold or sterling silver, adorn the wrist or neck, reminding you of your unique happy moment.


With the fun and versatile Charmed Collection, you are the designer.
Choose your charms from a rainbow selection of naturally sparkling druzy crystal with bright enamel color.
Wear the diamond detail, 18k yellow gold huggie earrings alone or stack up with star and circle motif charms for an endlessly personalised look.
Want more? Add a necklace chain to the druzy charm to wear as a pendant.

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