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Marmari designer Nouran Elmarmari creates symbols of inspiration, brought to life in the physical form through the powers of gemstones and fine metals. Ms. Elmarmari makes her foray into fine jewelry after training with the Gemological Institute of America, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Design, and spending 12 years as a Promotion Director in the media world.

Descended from Moroccan and Egyptian heritage, Ms. Elmarmari shares her unique perspective on fine jewelry through her passion for creating and attracting positivity. Nouran’s family history and her childhood had a major impact on her contribution to the world. As someone born to two different nationalities and living in Dubai, a city that is home to over 200 nationalities, she experiences the beauty of tolerance, acceptance and harmony.

Ms. Elmarmari is the granddaughter of a jewelry pioneer, who was the proprietor of a workshop and four jewelry showrooms throughout Cairo, Egypt. Nouran grew up with a passion for and a strong understanding of jewelry. From the time she was little, Nouran’s mother and grandmother taught her about the uniqueness and stories surrounding jewels and gems, as well as the technical aspects. She sees her jewelry as contemporary in style, with a sprinkle of magic.

Her first collection is inspired primarily by astronomy. “I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream,” said Vincent Van Gogh, a statement that led Ms. Elmarmari to create unexpected mixes between reality and dreams with a hidden element of surprise.

Marmari designs originate in happiness and positivity, and the collection is celebratory by nature.
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