Astro Lunar Diamond Signet Ring



The stunning Astro Moon and Star Secret Signet Ring is your personal talisman of wonder and wisdom. In 18kt Yellow Gold, the whole ring is intricately decorated with hand applied engraving. On the face a celestial scene is brought to life in gorgeous detail. Totalling 0.22 cts, the diamond-studded crescent moon and twinkling stars symbolise serenity and wisdom. The moon's connection with feminine power makes this piece a perfect self-love choice or a spectacular gift for an incredible woman. A modern talisman to bring you peace and reflection, this beautifully crafted piece will prove a treasured future heirloom. Rings are an incredibly personal piece of jewlery, and this beautiful signet hides a final detail for the wearer alone to enjoy. Nestled on the inside of the ring is a small quartz gemstone, set so it is in contact with the skin when worn. Gemstones are our link to the power of nature, and this hidden quartz is a physical connection to the energy of the moon.


Hand crafted from 18K Yellow Gold, 0.22 cts White Diamonds, 0.01 cts Quartz Gemstone set inside ring gallery.Hand engraved Design On Gold.

Size and fit

Made to fit. Diameter is 13mm.


Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.


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