Voyage Harmony Malachite Reversible Compass



Seek balance and prosperity with the extraordinary Voyage Compass Pendant. Hand-carved in stunning detail, the malachite compass face symbolizes harmony between sun and moon. The sun, a source of power and strength, is balanced by the calm beauty of the moon. With both, prosperity and serenity will be found. Realized in 18kt yellow gold with sparkling diamond detail, this talismanic compass is your anchor and guide on the journey that is life. The moveable needle will always hover around north; a reminder that following your own truth will always lead you home. The reverse of the pendant wows with a radiating sun and crescent moon motif, resplendent in opal and diamond. Together they symbolize the balance of life; to know when to stride boldly forward and when to seek solace in calm. This is the piece for anyone seeking equilibrium and authentic happiness. Finished with an aquamarine-set bail, stones said to help you weather any storm. Add a chain of your choice to create the perfect personal piece. Harness the Voyage collection as a personal symbol of self-empowerment or gift to another as declaration of constancy in love or friendship.


Hand crafted from 18K Yellow Gold, 38.71 cts Carved Malachite, 0.38 cts Aquamarine Baguettes, 0.55 cts White Diamonds. Diamond and Australian Opal Cabochon Sun on Reverse Side. Chain Sold Separately.

Size and fit

Medallion Measuring 32 mm diameter x total height 43.5 mm. Bale measuring 11.5 mm x 4.7 mm.


Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.


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